How To Plan The Perfect Picnic With Your Pup

Spring has sprung and we're celebrating in style at Frenchie Bulldog! Have you seen our gorgeous new spring line? We'll let you in on some fun news: Our spring launch was all about supporting small businesses! 

We partnered with two amazing small businesses in support of the Rosebud launch: Hygge Picnic Co and Cottage Garden Florals. And today, we're joining forces with these wonderful brands again to share the ultimate plan for your perfect spring picnic with your pup! 

We geared this how-to guide toward perfecting your Spring Instagram feed, but whether you're headed to the lake to enjoy the warm weather or planning out a full photo shoot, you'll find the best tips for your perfect picnic here. 

Step One: Prep The Space

If you're planning a spring picnic, you've probably already got a spot in mind. We chose a lake in a neighborhood near Bridget's house (AKA Frenchie HQ) with a beautiful backdrop of spring trees and gorgeous houses. Once we got there, we set up our beautiful flower display, courtesy of Abigail at San Diego-based Cottage Garden Florals. 

Step Two: Prep The Picnic

Next, we busted out our picnic gear. We wanted a cozy and comfortable look to match the new Rosebud collection, and Hygge Picnic Co had the perfect options: Luxurious picnic blanket, spacious picnic table, and high-class dishware, including that GORGEOUS tea set that we just couldn't get enough of.

We also packed some snacks -- both for humans and our main man, Leo. We even unpacked some puppy-friendly cupcakes to enjoy by the water! 

Step Three: Prep Yourself

If you're looking for that perfect photo op, there's no better way to get it than with a matching outfit. For this shoot, we brought a few different outfits that matched the new Rosebud harness -- blue for one side, white for the other, and pink accents to match the whole theme. When you're packing for your own picnic, go as simple or as complicated as you'd like -- bring the whole closet, or just dress up for a fun picture or two! 

Step Four: Prep Your Pup

Now for the fun stuff: Your pup's outfits! Leo is a good sport, so he modeled the reversible harness, strap harness, and collar for us with only a ~little~ convincing (and a lot of treats). Whether your dog is a fussy fashionista or ready to model any outfit you put on them, make sure your dog stays comfortable and cool the whole time you're outdoors. 

Step Five: Set The Scene

We got Leo comfortable with our picnic setup (it was super easy -- that blanket was SO comfortable) and got him playing with some of the props we had around. Cottage Garden Florals must have picked out some particularly delicious roses, because Leo couldn't get enough of them!

Besides his habit of eating the flowers (at least it's roughage, right?), Leo was the perfect model, and we got some absolutely adorable shots of him interacting with Bridget and the environment we set up. 

This is where you get to have lots of fun -- find items your pup wants to interact with naturally. A curious face makes for the best pictures! If your pup is scared of a prop (or just really, really wants to eat it), make sure to introduce it to her carefully and safely. 

Step Six: Say Cheese! 

When you're getting that ~perfect Insta shot~, it helps to have a treat or two in hand. And if you're doing an all-day photo shoot like we did, it's important to take lots of breaks for fun and belly rubs to make sure your pup doesn't get frustrated or overheated. We lucked into some INCREDIBLE California weather, but there were still a few times we had to take breaks for Leo's sake -- or convince him to stop eating the flowers!! 

Step Seven: Enjoy!

Now that is one happy pup! We had an absolute blast hanging out with Leo for this photo shoot, and we couldn't have done it without our amazing small biz partners, Hygge Picnic Co and Cottage Garden Florals!

Are you planning the perfect spring picnic with your pup? Show us the results on Instagram! And whether you're California-based like us or scattered to the winds, make sure to support your local small businesses in every way you can this spring!

Oh, and of course -- shop our brand new collections, ROSEBUD and ROCKSTAR

We'll catch you later, Frenchie fam! 

April 09, 2021 — Maggie May

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