Frenchie Gives Back: Joey's P.A.W.

Happy April, Frenchie Fam! We're back with another charity to add to our list of amazing grantee partners. For April 2021, we're delighted to shine a spotlight on Joey's P.A.W., a 501(c)(3) charity that provides partial or full funds to dogs who are in need of a wheelchair or prosthetics. 

This Pennsylvania-based nonprofit got its start in 2016, when husband and wife team Charlie and Tanya adopted Joey, a puppy with a prosthetic leg and a long journey ahead of him. Joey had to go through multiple surgeries and treatments, including a femoral amputation for his right nub.

But with love from Tanya and Charlie, Joey fully healed and is a happy and healthy pup today. 

Today, Joey's P.A.W. partners with Merrick dog food and Ruff Rollin' to provide supplies to special needs dogs -- when someone adopts a special needs dog through Joey's P.A.W., Merrick provides a full year of free dog food, and Ruff Rollin' is Joey's P.A.W.'s prime partner for doggie wheelchairs. 

Joey's P.A.W. provides custom quad and front wheelchairs for the pups supported by the foundation. Many dogs with mobility issues, amputations, or certain diseases need help to get around -- and wheelchairs or prosthetics can restore a dog's motion capabilities and improve their quality of life.

"Joey’s P.A.W. Non Profit was started because he has changed our lives so deeply that we knew we wanted to help other dogs relieve there help so they could touch other people’s lives," says Tanya. "We will provide partial or full funds for Dogs that are in need of (P.A.W) Prosthetics or a Wheelchair so they can have a chance at a more Mobile life. We have a underlying message of the joy of owning a special Needs dog along with a section of dogs that are Special Needs and are in need of adoption. We hope to be able to help them find a Furever home just like Joey did."

Every dollar you spend puts us closer to meeting our charitable goals! If you need a place to start, check out our New Arrivals like the Rosebud and Rockstar collections. 

Thank you for being a part of the Frenchie family! 



Website: Joey's P.A.W. 

Instagram: @joeys_paw

Facebook: @JoeysPAWcharity 

Donation Link: Donate Here

April 13, 2021 — Maggie May

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