Frenchie Gives Back: The Asher House

Happy March, Frenchie Fam! 🍀🍀🍀 

To kick off the month of luck, we're lucky enough to be working with this month’s charity partner, The Asher House! The Asher House is a registered non-profit sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon. They provide a life of comfort, love, and adventure to animals that have been discarded or unwanted.

For over two years, founder Lee Asher traveled across 49 states to promote dog adoption and spotlight various shelters and rescues. After his pitbull Stella passed away, founder Lee was determined to fulfill his lifelong dream of creating a sanctuary, where animals could feel treasured, protected, and free.

Over four years, Lee quit his job and traveled the world with his dogs to promote adoption and show people the bond you can forge with a rescue pet. He wanted to show a different side to adopting a pet versus the traditional image people have from television commercials. Yes, a lot of shelter stories are sad, but there’s also a story of hope when a dog is turned into the shelter. A hope to a new life. Lee wanted to show that there are numerous dogs of different ages, different breeds and different personalities that need a home.

In late 2020, Lee discovered a large parcel of property which was the perfect setting to turn his vision into a reality. Kicking it into fourth gear Lee launched a Patreon account as another resource for donations. The Asher House Patreon community gives exclusive access to the private Instagram account, videos, photos, and a behind the scenes look at life with Lee and the pups. 100% of Patreon funds go directly toward the animals and the maintenance of the sanctuary.

Through social media, The Asher House started to spotlight the dog that has been in the shelter the longest amount of time in hopes to share their story and get them adopted. After this strategy worked multiple times, Lee decided to take it up a notch by sharing the story of not only the dogs but also the shelters and shelter workers. He wanted to build a community where people felt confident to ask questions, create bonds, and not be scared to make mistakes when it comes to adoptions.

“What I want The Asher House to be no matter what happens or what someone is going through when they come to my page, they are going to find something that makes them happy, makes them think, makes them feel inspired and makes them feel invincible," Lee says. "I want people to feel something and then follow that feeling.”

The Asher House is about more than getting animals a new home: it’s an organization dedicated to building a community of people who have the same vision and passion to sharing a dog’s story.

“Each dog has their own story," Lee says. "Each dog has their own reason for being here, but I know that they are supposed to be here.”

To learn more about The Asher House, visit their website. We're so happy to have The Asher House as our March charity partner, and we encourage all the dog lovers to spread the word about The Asher House and make a donation

And as always, make sure to shop our newest arrivals, like the GALAXY PIZZA and PINK PIZZA Collections! A portion of our March proceeds will go directly to The Asher House. Here’s to all the lucky dogs out there who will find a second chance at a new life thanks to your help and The Asher House 🥰!



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March 03, 2022 — Maggie May