How to be Featured! 📸
At Frenchie Bulldog, we get the pleasure and privilege of seeing the world’s CUTEST furry animals every day! We wish you knew how happy it makes us to see you in our product, absolutely makes our day. Many of you will ask us to feature your furry companions and we wish we could feature every single one of you but there are some items we look for when reposting pictures and videos!
Below we complied a few tips for what we look for as well as examples:
GET CREATIVE- We love seeing your dog sleeping, begging, walking, playing, caught in the act of something naughty, etc. Get together with your crew! We love seeing who your pups’ hangout with, bonus, if you are all decked out in Frenchie Bulldog gear! Here are a few of some great examples! (Dog Models: @lululenny_the_french_bulldogs @herbieanddave @grrlgenius_)

CLEAR & VISIBLE- We know from experience how hard it is to get our pups to sit still, even for two seconds. Seems like all the treats in the world won’t get our dog to freeze so we can show off his/her newest harness! It’s important to make sure the dog, harness, collar, hoodie, etc. are in focus. In the first picture, you will see Herbie and the harness are clearly out of focus. He probably saw another dog walk by…very typical distraction! While we think he looks extremely cute in his harness, not to mention blue is totally his color, we wouldn’t repost this photo. In the second example, you will see Herbie and the harness are in clear focus…this is what we call a KILLER shot! We would repost this photo in a heartbeat! (Dog Model: @herbieanddave)


LIGHTING- This is a big one for us! We will show you more examples below but it is important to have great lighting in your photo/video. You wouldn’t take a selfie in the dark to show off your new makeup, hairstyle, outfit, etc. would you? Same for your dog pictures! We want to see how stunning your dog looks in our gear so the best advice we could give you…take the picture with the light source coming from behind you! We always take our best pictures outside, much easier than indoors. You will see a clear difference with the two pictures below, one is dark and dingy while the other is well lit and even looks “happier” (even though Lenny has a grumpy face) There is such a thing as too much light and you will see the difference with the photos of Lulu below in the Magical Unicorn hoodie! Lighting can be tricky sometimes and is often the hardest part of taking a good picture of your dog…even harder than getting them to sit still! Takes a lot of practice and a little bit of luck, keep practicing. (Dog Models: @lululenny_the_french_bulldogs)


That’s it! Those are the three components we are looking for when we repost photos and videos. We can’t wait to see the pictures you come up with, and you never know when you might see your face on our Instagram! Don’t forget to tag us in your posts and use the hashtag #frenchiepetsupply
Have more questions, need more advice? Feel free to comment on the post below!
March 28, 2018 — Victoria Shanley

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