Frenchie Gives Back: Road Dogs & Rescue

This September, we're hitting the road to show our support for our favorite four-legged friends! This month, a portion of our proceeds will go directly to Road Dogs And Rescue, a one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing bulldog breeds all over the country, with an emphasis on pups with medical considerations, seniors, and special needs puppies. 

Road Dogs makes their mark on the world with three main values: Life, Love, and Friendship. They give a second chance to pups who have it tough in life, as well as the love, community, and connection foster homes, adopters, and medical facilitators and more need to keep a mission like theirs moving forward. 

The name "Road Dogs" comes from founder Nikki Carvey's love of classic cars: a "Road Dog" brings the best of both worlds together -- a fuzzy companion who takes the journey of life right by our side. 

Road Dogs began with Nikki's volunteer work at Ace of Hearts, another nonprofit organization devoted to bully breeds like Nikki's Pit Bull and American Bulldog. Her next pup was a fostered English Bulldog named Huxley, and when he pawed his way right into her heart, Huxley found his forever family and Nikki found a new passion: rescuing bulldogs like her own little furry family. 

Bully breeds are among the toughest to rescue from shelters. Designer breeds like French bulldogs may be popular, but they're also expensive, and those from disreputable breeders (or just pups with bad luck) can also come along with medical issues that only add to the price tag. Because of this, bulldog breeds often fill up animal shelters. 

Calling bulldogs the "Lovable Lemons of the canine world", Nikki and the Road Dogs team devote themselves to plucking bulldogs out of shelter environments and connecting them with loving, comfortable homes with humans who understand the challenges that come along with seniors, special needs puppies, and dogs with complex medical issues. 

Today, Road Dogs works through a network of foster homes, volunteers, donors, and sponsors who all make the Road Dogs mission a reality. The organization also provides a community called Grace Gardens, an online collection of memorials for those incredible canines who touch our hearts. Proceeds from Grace Gardens help Road Dogs rescue other pups who may be having a tough time in life, while sponsorships of specific dogs help those fur babies find new homes -- and a new lease on life -- as quickly as possible. 

To learn more about Nikki, Road Dogs, and the entire network of pet parents, volunteers, rescues, and more, visit their website at



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September 28, 2021 — Maggie May

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