Proud To Be Frenchie: Giving Back to GLAAD and the Center for Black Equity

Happy Pride Month, Frenchie fam!! We're always excited to share the news about our charity partners, but this month we're even more pumped than usual. In celebration of Pride Month, we're supporting GLAAD and the Center for Black Equity, two incredible organizations leading the charge for LGBTQIA+ rights and community growth. 

As always, we're here to shine a spotlight on these leading organizations. And we're just so PROUD to share that a portion of the proceeds from our Limited Edition Leo Pride Collection will go directly to GLAAD and the Center for Black Equity.

Let's dive in!



Formed in 1985 in response to sensationalized news coverage of the AIDS epidemic, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) works tirelessly to promote media and organizations that further acceptance for the LGBTQIA+ community. 

You've probably heard of GLAAD, or at least their biggest campaigns, as GLAAD is one of those tried-and-true organizations that's been fighting for community rights for decades. 

In particular, GLAAD tackles issues of diversity, inclusion, and representation in the media. Homophobia and other aggressions against the LGBT community appear in movies, TV, and public news -- and when it's time to dismantle those systems and implicit biases, GLAAD is at the head of the charge. 

As an organization devoted to sharing positivity and love through all of our media channels (this blog! our social media! our newsletters! EVERYTHING!), we identify strongly with GLAAD's mission and are delighted to renew our annual partnership for Pride Month. 


Website: GLAAD

Facebook: GLAAD

Twitter: @glaad

Donation Link: Donate Here


Center for Black Equity

Like GLAAD, the Center for Black Equity (CBE) has been promoting LGBTQIA+ rights and inclusion for decades. Founded in 1999 as The International Federation of Black Prides, the organization that would become CBE defined its commitment to promoting the Black LGBTQIA+ community. 

Today, CBE's mission statement calls for a "multinational LGBTQ+ network dedicated to improving health and wellness opportunities, economic empowerment, and equal rights while promoting individual and collective work, responsibility, and self-determination." 

CBE sponsors two Black Pride events in Philadelphia and Washington, DC (which will be returning in 2022 post-pandemic), as well as leadership initiatives and resource training programs for members of the Black LGBTQIA+ community. 

At a time when social justice, racial equity, and the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community are top of mind, our support for CBE represents Frenchie's ongoing commitment to supporting the communities around us. We hope that you'll join us in pledging support for CBE and other organizations that promote equity for all! 


Center for Black Equity

Website: Center for Black Equity

Facebook: Ctr4BlackEquity

Twitter: @ctr4blackequity

Donation Link: Donate Here


Don't forget! Our limited edition Leo Pride Collection is here to support Pride Month. Throughout the month of June, a portion of the proceeds from every sale in this collection will go directly to GLAAD and the Center for Black Equity. Make a difference with your dollar and shop the Leo Pride Collection

June 16, 2021 — Maggie May

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