A Very Frenchie Bulldog Gift Guide!

The Howlidays are almost here, and that means it's time to shop for our favorite furry friends, pet parents, and dog lovers on our Nice Lists! 

This year, we've compiled some of our Frenchie Favorites perfect to leave under the tree. If you spot something on this list that's an exact match for your holiday plans, don't hesitate to grab it quick! 



For the Pup Who's Always Cold

We get it -- sometime's it's tough to stay warm! Especially for short-haired dogs or toy breeds without a lot of body fat, temperature regulation during cold weather can be a challenge. Frenchie Hoodies are designed to keep your pup warm and fashionable all season long -- and who can say no to the oh-so-adorable Pink Tie Dye Hoodie?



For the Big Tough Guy

We all know our tough guys are just giant teddy bears -- but that doesn't mean they can't strut their stuff at the puppy park! The Bad to the Bone Collection is perfect for pups who want to make a statement with their bark. (But don't worry, we won't tell anyone that they sleep with a heating pad during thunderstorms.)



For the Snuggle Bug

Three words: Toys, toys, toys! Frenchie Plush Toys are a lovely cuddle buddy for your snuggliest snuggle bug. These plush toys are built for comfort (and adorableness!) which means your pup may never want to let them go. 



For the Expert Bug Inspector

Nature lovers, hikers, and sunflower-sniffers rejoice! Our outdoorsy styles are here to make jumping over tree stumps and investigating weirdly-shaped boulders even more stylish. Our favorite nature-loving picks this year are the Sunflower Collection, the Earthy Tie Dye Collection, and the Rosebud Duo Reversible Harness. Not all who wander are lost, but those who sniff can do so in style! 



For the One Who Thinks He's Still A Puppy

Let's face it: With a whole fashion line designed for French bulldogs, it's easy for our oversized puppers to feel left out. But for that 120-pound Mastiff who thinks he can still fit in your lap, Frenchie Cooling Bandanas are the perfect fashion accessory. Pro Tip: Shop the Sale section for the gifts that keep on giving! 



For the Party Animal

Animal print NEVER goes out of style! That's why we've got the Zebra Collection and Moo Collection making a splash this Fall and Winter. Plus, who can forget the classic leopard-print Leo



For the Most Popular Girl in School

Channel pleats and Gossip Girl in Frenchie's oh-so-couture Pink Plaid Collection. We all have those dog nieces and nephews who need a leg up on the fashion world, and the Pink Plaid Collection will get them there in style. 



For the Pet Who Has It All (And Her Mom, Too!)

Who can go wrong with a Frenchie Gift Card? This way, your giftee will have something to open on the big day, and you don't have to worry about choosing a size for a pup you can't measure. 


Wherever the holidays may take you this year, we hope you find Frenchie Bulldog Pet Supply under the tree! Be sure to show off your holiday favorites on Instagram @frenchie_bulldog and tag us with #frenchiebulldog! We can't wait to see the goodest, most festive boys and girls this year! 

December 10, 2021 — Maggie May

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