Frenchie Gives Back: Souls of Satos Rescue

Welcome to February, Frenchie Fam! We've been hard at work on the latest launches and new surprises, and it's time to announce our February 2022 charity partner! This month, we're delighted to work with Souls of Satos Rescue, a Puerto Rico-based organization dedicated to rescuing street dogs and uniting them with their forever families. 

The term "sato" is Puerto Rican slang for a "street dog" or "found dogs". Satos can be any breed, any age, any background, and any ancestry -- but what all satos have in common is that they deserve a shot at a happy life with a forever family. Many satos are sent to the Southern United States after rescue, but it's not uncommon for satos to land in homes as far as the Northeast due to shelter overcrowding in the South and in Puerto Rico. 

Souls of Satos Rescue scoops up puppies, seniors, medically disabled dogs, and more from the streets of Puerto Rico, providing them with critical veterinary care -- and for older dogs, Souls of Satos is often their first experience at the vet! With so many years of hard living behind them, satos often need extra care when it comes to medical issues that may be hidden below the surface or helping with extra training as they adapt to living with their humans. 

At the end of the day, however, these wonderful street dogs make incredible, loyal pets full of love and butt-wiggles when they see their humans come home. Living with a sato can be a bit of an adventure at first, which is why rescues like Souls of Satos are so critical to their best chance at survival and happiness. 

Today, Souls of Satos relies on a mixture of social media awareness, private donations, and public partnerships to get their rescues off the streets. They maintain a robust, volunteer-based social network and a large number of foster homes, as well as relationships with Puerto Rico-based veterinary clinics. Their Amazon wishlist is ever-growing, as it gets awfully expensive to feed, house, and care for so many wonderful (and oh-so-adorable) street dogs! 

To learn more about Souls of Satos Rescue, visit their Facebook page. We're so happy to have Souls of Satos as our February charity partner, and we encourage anyone who falls in love with those adorable puppy eyes to make a donation via their PayPal or grab a few items off of their Amazon wishlist to support the cause. 

And as always, make sure to shop our newest arrivals, like the MOODY FLORAL Collection! A portion of our February proceeds will go directly to Souls of Satos Rescue. We can't thank you enough for being a part of the celebration! 



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February 07, 2022 — Maggie May

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