The story behind our logo - The Frenchie Head:

When developing a logo for the Frenchie brand, we wanted to incorporate something personal, something universal but that also held meaning…. Enter our frenchie, Olive (also known on Instagram as @olivefrenchie). From the first day that we met Olive, she was the love of our lives and the center of our attention… and now, OUR LOGO! Our Frenchie Head logo, is in fact, the exact outline of Olive's head! We thought she deserved some of the credit! 

Our Charms are the perfect addition to any of our products.


  • Have it engraved* and use it on any of our Frenchie Harnesses or Collars to display your dog's name and info. One for you and one for your pup - Get a matching one for yourself to throw on your key ring.

*At this time we do not offer in house engraving on any of our Charms. However, any local shop that does engraving - jewelry, trophy/medal shop, etc will be able to do it! We keep one on every collar and harness that our Frenchie wears. The back of the tag is left blank, allowing you to engrave as much info about your dog as you would like.